Wine's custody

Information about wine's custody

Many events are special and deserve to be remembered in time. Some of them, such as the birth of a son, a marriage, bring us back in our memories from year to year. Giftterwine wants to cherish something unique and special, like the wine produced in the year in which there was an important event for you.

Now you can be sure that the wine that you have purchased will be preserved and maintained until when you decide to drink it, sharing it with your son when he will come of age.

With Giftterwine you cherish something unique.

Choose today the bottle(s) that you want and contact us with this form: we will provide to establish the terms of the purchase, which will include the cost of the bottles and the custody costs, which will be adjusted from year to year.

Each bottle will be preserved with the highest care in our underground cellar, in special cabinets that are made to maintain the right temperature and to protect the bottles from the passage of time. Giftterwine guarantees the drinkability of the wine for at least 20-25 years, inasmuch as we are committed to producing aged wines.

Giftterwine preserves this great small memory with the same concern that he puts in everything that he does, and depending on your requests, we will ship the bottles when you want it, with the possibility to defer over the years.

Some parents have already chosen to trust us: they have purchased and left in custody the bottles of the vintage when their sons were born. And you, do you want to allow us to preserve something unique?