Natural wine by Franco Terpin at Izola's Orange Wine Festival

Giftterwine Franco Terpin Izola 2015 Orange Wine Festival

Franco Terpin's natural wine will be at Orange Wine Festival, Izola (Slo), friday 24th of april, an event dedicated to the wines without chemical additives.

Orange Wine Festival will be again guest in Manzioli Palace, headquarters of the Italian Community of Isola in Slovenia, friday, 24th of april 2015.

The producer of orange wine of Collio Franco Terpin will be present with his wines with other fifty natural winemakers from Slovenia, Italy and Austria, and a dozen of the best restaurants in Slovenia.

The Orange Wine is the so-called fourth color of the wine: the result of a natural fermentation with natural yeasts and prolonged maceration on the skins. The orange wines, or natural wines, are mainly white wines produced using the production techniques of red wine. "Sweet perfumes but dry and decided taste, tending to orange color, therefore the name by which they are identified." Andrea Scanzi writes in his blog “Il vino degli altri”. Contrary to what is usual for the red grapes, the vinification of white grapes, in fact, is not usually machined leaving the skins in contact with the must during the fermentation. This process gives the wine its characteristic natural orange color and an olfactory complexity and taste that is not commonly found in white wines.

In atmosphere of spring festival, the showcase of Orange Wine Festival in Isola, a few kilometers from Trieste, is a landmark for natural wines, which attracts many visitors from the whole Alpe-Adria region. Isola (in Slovenian Izola) is a pretty little town in Slovenia, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

The visitor of the Orange Wine Festival will have the opportunity to learn about a product as old as innovative as the natural wine, a wine that is still little known, that returns hints of nature, such as honey and fruit.

Franco Terpin, known winemaker from San Floriano Collio, brings in the Istrian town his orange wines produced always without insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

At the Orange Wine Festival of Izola you will find some of the wines and vintages offered by Franco Terpin on in his exclusive gift boxes made of two-hundred-year-old cedar wood (the beautiful Giftterbox) which are already present in Gifttershop online, the new bet of the viticulturist of Collio. is not only the online store of Franco Terpin's wines, but the place to find an idea for those who are looking for "a special gift for a special event." On the new website of Terpin you can choose the wine, vintage, bottles, and even customize the label.

In Izola / Isola you will have the possibility to experience some of the most famous natural wines of Franco Terpin such as: Sialis Bianco 2005 or 2008, Sauvignon 2008, Chardonnay 2009, Ribolla Gialla 2006.

Pure Orange Wine, made respecting nature, by Franco Terpin.

The appointment with Orange Wine Festival in Izola / Isola shows up, therefore, as a must for all lovers of wine, gastronomy and nature. A unique opportunity to meet the producers of natural wine, their projects and their philosophy. An important occasion to discover and rediscover the flavors of these lands.