How is effectuated the production of wine?
The whole production is effectuated in natural way without insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers. For more information about our winemaking process go to the relevant section on the site.
Can I effectuate an order by e-mail or by telephone?
The products of Giftterwine can be purchased only through the website. For extra products and services that Giftterwine offers to his customers, like vintages already vinified but still not on the market, vintages of future winemaking, or the custody of the bottles and/or the purchase of a large number of bottles, contact us through this form to establish the terms of the purchase.

Is there a minimum amount for the purchase?
No, on Giftterwine we don't apply any minimum amount. It is possible also to purchase one box with a bottle of wine.

What payment methods are allowed?
Giftterwine relies on PayPal to ensure maximum payment security. It will be possible to pay either by credit card (Visa, MasterCard), or using your PayPal account. Costs of payment are free.

When will I receive my package?
Delivery times are calculated by adding the times of the order preparation and the shipping. These depart from order confirmation and from the payment.
For the bottles, for which was requested label personalization, to the normal preparation time must be added the days for receiving and printing the label.

Italy 6-7 days
Europe (EU) 10-15 days
World (Extra EU) 20-25 giorni

Shipping times have to be calculated on working days (from monday to friday, public holidays excluded).

How much is shipping?
The shipping costs depend on the destination country and the number of the bottles purchased. In the table all prices are in Euro.

Small (1) Medium (2) Large (3) XXL (6)
Italy € 30,00 € 30,00 € 30,00 € 30,00
Europe (EU) € 54,00 € 60,00 € 66,00 € 74,00
World (Extra EU) € 84,00 € 96,00 € 108,00 € 124,00

How can I track my package?
When the order is delivered to the courier, you will receive an email, which contains a link to verify where your pack is (from taking charge of the package by the carrier until the delivery).
Giftterwine relies on one of these shippers (depends on the destination):
- in Italy GLS express courier;
- in Europe (EU) mail courier;
- in the World (Extra-EU) mail courier.

How will be packeged the wine so that the bottles remain intact during shipping?
Wine bottles are sold in special GiftterBoxes made of antique wood, which are protected by polystyrene layers and shipped in carton boxes. All the packaging process is designed to preserve the integrity of the bottles during shipping.

What is the label personalization?
For those who don't like the label of the Azienda Agricola Franco Terpin or for those who want a label that reminds a particular moment associated with the gift wine, Giftterwine provides the ability to customize the label, creating it alone.
When you buy a bottle of wine you choose the "Custom Label" and in the e-mail confirmation of the order will be required to send a file no later than two weeks. When we have received the file we will print the label and send the bottle with the custom label. The preparation time of the order will continue according to the expectation of receiving the file. If within the two weeks we won't receive the file, the order will be fulfilled with the standard wine label. Giftterwine is available to send the label at a later time, after receiving the file, in case the customer is still interested in the label personalization.
The back label is not customizable by law so that will be the standard label of Azienda Agricola Franco Terpin.

What years are available?
Giftterwine provides the reserves of Azienda Agricola Franco Terpin, from the year 1999 until the year 2011. There is not year for each wine type. For more information about the wines available in the various years, we invite you to consult the Catalog.

I want to purchase a year subsequent to 2011, how can I do?
The sucessive years (2012-2013-2014) are already fermented, but they are still not commercially available in the Giffterwine Catalog. In case you want to buy them, please contact us through this form and we will establish the purchase terms. You can also book future years which are still not in production.

Can I ask for wine custody? How does this work?
Of course. If you want to purchase bottles and receive them at a later time, to celebrate the anniversary of an event that occurred today, Giftterwine gives the possibility to keep the bottles up to the time when you'll need.
Contact us through this form and we will establish the purchase terms, which will include the cost of the bottles and the custody costs, which will be adjusted from year to year.

The wine will be maintained during all the years in which it will be preserved and will it be drinkable?
The bottles will be preserved with the highest care in our underground cellar in special cabinets , and Giftterwine guarantees the drinkability of the wine for at least 20-25 years, inasmuch as we are committed to producing aged wines.

Up to how many years do you keep the bottles?
Giftterwine preserves the wine for the whole time that the purchaser desires and gives the possibility to send the bottles in several times, in different years, according to the requests.